Scammers pose as DTE Energy to target victims with emails, calls

A convincing automated message that claims to be from DTE Energy may actually be a scam trying to steal your money.

Victims lost almost $8.8 billion to scams and fraud in 2022, up 30% from the year before, the Federal Trade Commission. Sophisticated scams like utility ones make it easy for scammers to trick victims.

"We do know that it’s on the rise, especially with the pandemic. We saw a lot of customers being victimized," said Evette Griffie, with DTE.

These scammers use phone numbers or emails that appear to be coming from the company. A call or email may contain a threat. For instance, it may say that DTE is going to disconnect your service if you don’t provide your credit card information or another form of payment.

"Feel leery every time you give out your personal information, especially if you don’t know who you’re on the phone with," Griffie said. "We will never demand money, apps, cryptocurrency, money transfers from Western Union."

Griffie said scammers will sometimes threaten to shut your service off in an hour if you fail to comply.

"DTE does not do that," she said.

If you get a call from someone you believe is DTE, even if it is about disconnection or a bill, you can hang up and call the number listed on DTE's website for service. 

Also, if there is scheduled work, DTE will usually call you in advance if they’re coming out, and they should be in uniform and have ID.