Schoolcraft Brewery pop-up pub screening 'Great Beer State Documentary'

Catch a screening of the "Great Beer State Documentary" next month at Schoolcraft College in Livonia.

The school's Brewing and Distillation Technology program will show the film at its pop-up pub Dec. 13. The program's permanent pub is temporarily closed while it undergoes renovations, so the pop-up will be in Henry's Cafeteria in the VisTaTech building.

Beer brewed by students will be available, and tours of the brewery will be offered before and after the film, which starts at 6 p.m. Doors open at 4 p.m.

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Schoolcraft brewing students make beer as they learn about the chemistry behind the process, how to identify appropriate and inappropriate flavors and aromas, and even how to pour a beer.

The film, produced by "A Rising Tide – The Story of the Michigan Brewers Guild" author Fred Bueltmann, tells the story of beer in the state from the past until now. The Michigan Brewers Guild is celebrating 25 years in 2022.

"Besides celebrating 25 years, this film shows stark differences between then and now, when it comes to locally brewed beer and its contribution to community culture. From before the Michigan Brewers Guild in the mid-eighties, to the formation of the Guild in 1997 and up until the present day, there has been a cultural transformation," Bueltmann said. "The storyline is loosely held, shared through stories and observations from dozens of brewery folks who have been a part of the brewing scene; past, present, and future."

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