Search for remains in Macomb Twp temporarily suspended after no findings

The search for remains in Macomb Township has been temporarily suspended after about a week of searching. 

Last Monday, May 7, crews began a search in a 24-acre field near 23 Mile and North Avenue, saying they had reason to believe they'd find the remains of Kimberly King. King was 12 years old when she disappeared in 1979. 

The Warren Police Department is leading the investigation. Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said they reopened King's cold case last fall after the suspect, Arthur Ream, bragged to fellow inmates about murdering 4-6 other girls. The 69-year-old is currently in prison for killing Cindy Zarzycki, who disappeared in 1986. Her remains were found at the same location crews had been searching after Ream pinpointed a spot to police back in 2008.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts told us Tuesday they have been searching an area of interest at the site since last Monday, but have not found anything. Fouts says part of the 22 remaining acres could be searched next, or the crews could relocate to one of two other spots in Michigan that Ream was known to frequent. Fouts said he will be briefed soon and will decide where to search next. 

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Meanwhile, authorities have said Ream hasn't been cooperative in this investigation, though, like he was back in 2008. Dwyer said police have tried talking to him multiple times after they got wind of his bragging, and that he failed a polygraph test at one point. Dwyer has clarified, though, that Ream is not the suspected Oakland County Child killer, because he was in prison from 1974-1978. The Oakland County Child Killer's crimes terrorized the area from 1976-1977.

Dwyer has said crews will search "as long as it takes" to make a recovery. He added that bringing closure to King's family -- as well as the multiple other families that could be involved, too -- is what's key.