Second Amendment advocate says blame is shared both ways in gun pointing confrontation in Orion Twp.

There is a saying in the gun community that an armed society is a polite society, but that clearly was not the case in Orion Township.

"I'm glad no one got hurt. I mean, this could've been nasty," said Marcus Weldon.

That is about the only good thing Weldon can say about the tense exchange in Orion Township. By now, you have heard about the bump, turned argument and shout fest capped off with a woman pointing a handgun at a mother and daughter.

Jillian Deanne Wuestenberg and Eric Petert Wuestenberg are now facing felony charges. He pulled out a gun too.

"Everybody is not a responsible gun owner," Weldon said. "Yes we all can partake in the Second Amendment; we're all Americans, if you don't have a felony record. But at the end of the day everybody doesn't have the mental, emotional capability of being a responsible gun owner, and having a firearm, because that is your last resort." 

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Weldon knows that first hand. He was arrested, tried and eventually acquitted for shooting two men in self-defense back in 2014.

He took to Facebook Live to offer his opinion on the Orion Township incident, which has now gone viral. FOX 2 caught up with Weldon Thursday.

"Both parties were both wrong in this situation," Weldon said. "I think the gun owner should not have drawn her firearm in that moment. I think that was not a great bodily harm or threat to her life.

"It's also people's responsibility to not escalate a situation. If someone were to bump my child, I understand as a father I would have been upset and checked the person. I think the ownership also falls on the family to say, walk away. The person in the car was leaving the scene, trying to leave the scene at least. At that point, let them walk away.

Jillian Deanne Wuestenberg and Eric Petert Wuestenberg

Be the bigger person. Weldon says he got a crash course on that about seven years ago- dealing with an aggressive drunk who was armed. Weldon too, had a gun but did not use it.

"When he pulled he had his firearm pointed at the ground, at that point he didn't point it at me," Weldon said. "By him having the gun pointed at the ground, I saw room to escape. I saw room to run away. I took the high road."
FOX 2: "Many would say your ego took a hit, your pride took a hit."
"I'll tell you what, my pride took a hit, but not my pockets in court," Weldon said. "So I'll take that any day."