Second degree murder charges added for man in high speed crash

Prosecutors have increased the charges against a man accused of driving recklessly and killing two adults and injuring two teens in a parked car.

Robert Chaney, 37, is accused of losing control of his Camaro on Pickford on Detroit's west side. Police said Chaney was speeding down Pickford, lost control of his vehicle, hit a curb, and then went airborne before crashing into the Malibu.

Four people were inside the Malibu in which two people inside the vehicle died. The other two were taken to the hospital.

One of the victims killed was 21-year-old Angel Careathers. Her sister's boyfriend, Zachary Garrison was also killed.  Crystal Carethers and Zachary's sister, Messiah, were both injured but survived.

2 dead, 3 hospitalized in high speed crash in Detroit

Chaney faced a judge on Friday where prosecutors ammended the cahrges to second degree murder. He was originally charged with two counts of operating under the influence causing death.

The mother of the Careathers, Kimberly Careathers, says she believes the decision was the right one.

"I'm just happy that is now getting charged with two counts of  second degree murder charges. That's exactly what we were praying for," Kimberly said.

Messiah recounted what happened that day but says she can't remember most of it.

"I just really don't remember anything. I was sitting in the car. Then I heard someone talking and that's when I woke up. I just started screaming for them to get me out of the car," Messiah said.

Kimeberly said her daughter never had a chance.

"They were just sitting at the park. They weren't doing anything, weren't bothering anybody, they were just sitting at the park, kust sitting in a vehicle."