Second incident of stranger danger in Westland surfaces

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Producer note:  On July 4 we included a photo of a white ice cream truck with this story online. FOX 2 wants to clarify that the truck is not connected to the recent scare. Police believe the suspect was driving a silver or gray car or F-150.

Police are stepping up patrols in one Westland neighborhood after not one, but two reported cases of stranger danger.

FOX 2 first told you about one case Sunday night -- now we're learning of another.

At the Westland Meadows mobile home park - many parents are worried about letting their kids go outside.

"He was going really slow and I saw him take his phone and click a picture," said Diane Kilgore.

Diane Kilgore says it happened June 23rd. She said her 4-year-old granddaughter sitting on a front step when a gray car went by. The driver took his phone out and pointed it out the window - possibly photographing the child.

Diane grabbed her phone and took this photo of the car and reported it to Westland police - then on Saturday another incident - involving another child down the street.

"My baby could have been gone - it's really scary to think that," said the mother who reported the Sunday incident.

A 6-year-old special needs boy was playing in the yard and got approached by men in a silver or gray Ford F-150 pickup truck.

"One of the passengers said 'Hey little boy can you just come over here and he really was going to go," she said.

The woman said the boy's father was able to scare the men in the car away but it's news that has other families in the neighborhood shaken.

"I think of my son's safety number one," said Russell Schaefer. "And I think is my house safe - is my family going to be safe."

Residents say there are just too many people getting into the park who don't belong here. There used to be gates for security - now those gates are gone.

"We would like our security gates back," Kilgore said.

No one was available at the neighborhood office, as for Westland police - they say this remains under investigation and police are stepping up patrols in the area.