Second wave of protests downtown Detroit, no injuries reported at this time

The second wave of protests is winding down right now in downtown Detroit.

As of about 11 p.m., the demonstration is currently taking place at Third and Michigan Avenue, near MGM Grand Casino. 

Police are attempting to push them down Third, past MGM Grand Casino. What FOX 2 saw yesterday is when you push a crowd back, they begin to splinter.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said around 11:12 p.m. things began dismantling. Craig said there were no known injuries at this time.

The chief said hours ago there were community leaders protesting earlier in the day and that remained peaceful.

Craig said later in the evening, protestors threw projectiles at officers, including small-size bricks and fireworks. There were people with ice chests on wheels carrying bricks inside.

"They came here clearly with the intention to be violent," he said.

On Friday night, police say 45 men and 15 women were arrested for disorderly conduct. Seven vehicles were damaged, two officers were injured.

One of the officers, a captain, was hit in the head with a rock and suffered a concussion. The other officer fell and injured his shoulder. Both are expected to be OK.

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