Security breach at city county building raises evacuation questions

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There a lot of questions about how police handed the emergency Monday with some being told to evacuate, others told to stay.

DPD investigates why some workers evacuated, other told to stay during building security breach

A security breach at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center Monday morning led to a lockdown of the building and evacuations.

"We were just sitting there and all the sudden they got judges and the lawyers lockdown first," said Jeff Kulman. "And then evacuated us down to the first floor. Standing down there we were waiting to know what was going on. Then they put the building on lockdown and told everyone to come outside."

The steps put in place after police say a gun passed through security.

"I'm a little bit fearful that this is bigger than what it appears to be," said attorney Brenda Richard said.

That security breach led police to search the building, floor by floor and room by room looking for a person of interest.  Police swept the building making sure everyone got out.

"We have completely evacuated the county side of the building," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said. “All judges, people attending court are out of the building.”

Investigators are looking into why some people were evacuated and others were told to stay in place.

"That is what you call a chaotic mess," Craig said. "I get to criticize these things and look very thoroughly. The entire building should have been shut down and it was not. That's something we're going to work through."

The city county building was shut down for business Monday and police say doors will reopen Tuesday.

As the investigation continues, police have this message for anyone doing business at the center and may have concerns:

"If you have business at the city county building, come tomorrow you will see police officers here, county sheriffs here and you will be safe," Craig said.

But some say this incident is a sign that something needs to change

"It sounds like they need to tighten up on security," said Ralph Nunez.