Serial hit and run suspect likely linked to more sex workers' deaths

Lawrence Mills The III was arrested last month, for two deadly hit and runs and for purposely running over two other women that survived, all in 2017. 

Detroit Police Chief, James Craig, said Mills engaged in sex acts with prostitutes, then, he ran them over with his vehicle and took his cash back. In some cases, he beat them first. 

“We believe that based in our investigation, that there might be other victims out there, surviving victims,” Chief Craig said. 

Investigators pointed Mills in connection to the death of 32-year-old Mary Penegor in June 2018. She was found dead in the street in the same southwest Detroit cluster as the other women. 

“We didn’t even get to see her body because they said it was so bad,” said Mary’s ex Timothy Penegor.

Timothy and Mary have two boys together. He’s just learning her death is likely linked to a serial offender. 

“You can’t make this up,” Timothy said. “It’s like something you’d see in a horror movie.”

The two divorced three years before her death, he says she struggled from addiction. 

“She definitely did lead a risky lifestyle and certainly got worst and worst,” Timothy said. 

But Timothy said she didn’t deserve this at all and hope there is justice. 

“The fact that my children will know that the police and others didn’t ignore it, it wasn’t just something that happened and everyone forgot,” Timothy said.