Serial necklace snatcher steals 3 in 24 hours

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A brazen bandit, who walked right up to a woman and snatched her necklace right off her neck, may have done it before as at least two more robberies may be linked to the same guy.

Now, they're banding together in hopes of helping to catch the guy.

Dee Dee contacted FOX 2 this week after seeing a story on FOX 2 news at 5. A man snatched a necklace right off  of a woman's neck as she was working the front desk of an attorney's office. Dee Dee knew him when she saw him. It was the same guy who did the same thing to her the next day.

"I'm like - that looks exactly like the guy that did that to me!" Dee Dee said.

She says she was walking into a beauty supply store on 7 Mile and Trinity on Wednesday, the same day we did the report. She thought he was being nice, at first.

"He acted like he was opening the door for me and I was like 'thank you' and all of a sudden he was on his phone and like 'I got it' and he reached for my necklace and took off running," Dee Dee said.

Purna Krishnamoorthy was the first victim and agrees with Dee Dee, after seeing pictures of the gam.

"Same shirt, same shorts, same cell phone in his hands. His mannerisms and everything, exactly the same," Krishnamoorthy said.

The photo was snapped inside a Shell gas station on Livernois and Vernor. A woman at that gas station, employees say, was robbed the same way and the sam day as Krishnamoorthy.

Sam Habhab works at the gas station and says the man followed a woman and her two kids outside.

"Once he got close enough to her, he reached up, grabbed her chain, and ran away. Then she ran back into my store crying."

Detroit Police say they're looking into possible connections. In all three incidents, witnesses say after snatching the necklaces, he yelled the same thing as running away: "I got it".

Krishnamoorthy says her necklace stolen was her deceased grandmother's. Dee Dee said with her her wedding anniversary on Monday, he necklace also has sentimental value.

"My husband bought the charm. I had the chain over 20 years but the charm is what meant the world to me because it was a heart-shaped diamond pendant," Dee Dee said.

The three vicitms are working with police to catch the serial necklace snatcher.

If you know who the man may be involved in each of these robberies please call Detroit police. Krishnamoorthy is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and the return of her necklace.