Serial robber who hit banks in Harper Woods, Hamtramck, and Hazel Park posted cash on social media

Glenn Pack didn't make it very difficult for investigators to identify him as the suspect behind three bank robberies across metro Detroit. 

Along with investigators finding a fingerprint on one of the notes he gave to a bank teller, Pack also video posted on Facebook of him showing off the many bills he stole from banks in Harper Woods, Hazel Park, and Hamtramck.

Pack, 23, is now the face of a federal indictment after the serial bank robber was caught in West Virginia. 

However, his crimes traced back to Michigan, where he used the same technique for each robbery: pass a sloppily-written note to an employee at the bank. One reading "I am robbing you remain calm keep your hands in my view," was given to a teller in January at a Harper Woods bank. 

The note also asks for no dye packs, no GPS, and only clean bills. 

"Count 9000$ (sic) all hundreds count fast I am serious," it ended.

Handing the note ws Pack's apparent MO during his robberies, with two other versions given during other robberies.

Glenn Pack on Facebook. 

He allegedly stole about $10,500 during his spree. Many of those dollars were seen in the social media video he posted. He was arrested on Jan. 25 in West Virginia before being extradited back to Michigan to face charges.

He could face decades in prison if he's convicted.