Sewage, mold overflows part of veteran's Dearborn Heights apartment, forcing evacuation of property

"Honestly, it smells like the porta-potties from Afghanistan," said Parrish Eason.

He's describing the odor in his Dearborn Heights apartment. But the specificity of his description is an honest one. Eason is a retired Army Sergeant who served in Afghanistan.

And the smell overtaking his apartment and forcing him to leave his home? It's due to the raw sewage that had bubbled up into the pipes in the bathtub and the toilet.

"My entire tub was flooded with feces, mold, black water," he said. "The toilet started to overflow and I started to dump the toilet with the trash pail into the tub but it just kept overflowing."

The overflow and subsequent smell happened on Sunday - right before the holiday commemorating individuals like Eason for their service. Footage taken from his phone shows a vile scene of waste floating in his bathroom. 

He was visited by a plumber on Monday, who let him know he was on site to fix the issue. But for Eason, it's too little too late for the veteran, who thinks this should never have happened in the first place.

"I don't know if someone above me or next door was flushing and all their stuff was coming into my apartment but I know it just kept coming out of the toilet."

Even after the interior gets cleaned up, he's still concerned about the state of the apartment.

"I had to basically evacuate my house, evacuate my family and then now it's a major sanitary condition so now I don't know if I have to go through a hazmat stage where everything has to be cleaned and wiped down effectively."