Sexual misconduct with student by East English Village employee claim investigated

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Alleged sexual misconduct with a student has left an employee at a Detroit high school off the job.

The parent of a Detroit public high school student says one of her daughter's friends confided in her back in January. 

"She said she was scared to tell her parents - that's why she came to me," said Donna Kimbrough. "And my daughter knows I'm going to address the school about it."

Kimbrough says she did, calling the school telling them that a student claims to be the victim of a sexual assault by an employee at East English Village Prep Academy. 

"I was expecting him to call me back, as a parent. tell me something that is going on," she said.
Now months later, the school sent out a phone message. 

"Good evening East English Village Families, as a result of an allegation of sexual misconduct with an East English Village student, the alleged employee was escorted off campus on Monday." 

In addition to the phone call DPSCD sent a statement that said the alleged incidents happened after school hours and off-campus.

"The Detroit Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation of the allegations," the school's phone message said.

Kimbrough is glad something is being done but says the last few months have been frustrating. 

"He's not there anymore, so I feel a little safer." she said. "But there is a lot going on."
In the meantime, she is thankful she could be there for her daughter's friend and encourages other parents to speak with their kids and encourage them to be open and honest. 
"(School districts) need to be more cautious about who they are hiring around these young kids," she said.

No one has been charged with a crime police did confirm they have opened an investigation.