Shango Hazel Park recreational marijuana store opens 'crown jewel' of locations

Friday was the grand opening of the Shango Hazel Park Provisioning Center.

"We have three provisional centers but this is what we consider the crown jewel right here in Hazel Park," said Curtis Goure.

The grand opening celebration continues through April 20th or 420 also known as the day of the worldwide cannabis celebration.

But Shango's owner says they're also celebrating how the perception of cannabis has evolved. 

"The public's perception, no doubt, is changing," he said. "And I think in the future, stores like ours will continue to do well even though the competition is increasing."

Shango, which operates in several other states including California and Nevada, offers a wide variety of award-winning products. But the owner believes what really sets them apart is how they approach their customers.

"A very large parking lot," he said. "You'll be met by a very knowledgeable budtender asking what you're looking for."

To learn more about the grand opening celebration go HERE.