Shelby Twp. police investigating vandals who went around cutting Christmas lights

Police in Shelby Township are investigating who went on a Christmas light-cutting spree in a neighborhood. The real-life Grinch's actions were all caught on camera. 

"Grinch-y is the perfect word," said Shelby Township Det. Sgt. Terry Hogan. "They’re punks. They’re out there to damage and destroy other people's property."

The lights that were vandalized were in a neighborhood off Schoenherr Road near 22 Mile. 

In the Ring camera footage, you can see the three young men severing strands and damaging other décor. 

"This is a lot of work, a lot of time and effort. These people take pride in their homes," Hogan said. 

The suspects hit at least five houses. 

"They could obviously be arrested and be charged with malicious destruction of property. Depending on the dollar amount would dictate what crime they’re actually charged with."

With more surveillance video on the way to the police department, they’re bound to get caught. 

"I'm sorry to say, but what I've been recommending is shut your lights off when you go to bed. It's a little harder to be target those lights when they’re not actively on at that point," Hogan said. "What's the point in doing this? You want to destroy something, destroy your own property."

If you see something like this happening in your neighborhood, police say it's best to not confront the suspects and to call police instead.