Sheriff: Alcohol found in teens' Stony Creek crash that killed 3

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said all five teens involved in a deadly car accident at Stony Creek earlier this year had alcohol in their systems at the time of the crash. 

The crash happened in May. Jonathan Manolios, Emanuel Malaj and  Michael Wells, all 17, were all killed when their speeding Jaguar lost control. Manolios and Malaj went to Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights; Wells attended Henry Ford II High School in Macomb Township. 

Two others in the vehicle were critically injured: Joe Narra and Greg Bobchick. Both were also 17 years old at the time of the crash. 

Wickersham provided the final updates to the investigation Wednesday. You can watch his press conference in full here.

He stated one of the boys bought beer with a fake Ohio ID earlier in the day, and then they went up to Stony Creek. Two girls were also there, in a separate vehicle, but didn't stay for long. 

Wickersham says the boys' car went to drive to another beach at the park, but took a wrong turn. He believes the vehicle was traveling between 70 and 80 mph at this point. The speed limit on the inner perimeter road is 35 mph. Wickersham says Manolios was driving. 

Shortly after that, the vehicle struck a guard rail and rolled five times. 

Manolios, Malaj, Narra and Wells were all ejected. Bobchick was riding in the passenger seat with his seat belt on. 

Manolios, Malaj and Wells were pronounced dead at the scene. Narra and Bobchick were taken to the hospital. 

Autopsy results and medical records show all boys had alcohol in their systems. 

Manolios, the driver, was found with a BAC of .08. In Michigan, it is a crime for a driver to have a bodily alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or greater if over age 21 or .02 or greater if under 21.

Wickersham says Malaj's BAC was at .02; Wells' at .07; Bobchick's at .02; and Narra's at .03. 

Wickersham adds other alcohol bottles were found in the vehicle, and that small amounts of drugs were also found. 

Wickersham says this investigation has been a tough process because nobody has really been willing to talk. He says rumors have also been circulating, such as that the accident was a suicide mission, but he says there is "no truth to that at all."

Prosecutors have reviewed the investigation findings, and have decided no crime can be proven. Wickersham says, though, that the sheriff's office wants to charge Bobchick and Narra with MIPs (minor in possession). 

Stay with FOX 2 for more details and a further breakdown of the investigation's findings. FOX 2's Dave Spencer was at the conference and will have more on FOX 2 News tonight beginning at 5 p.m.