Shirtless man with knives tells customers to 'get out' of Dearborn Heights restaurant

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A nice evening out turns to terror at a Mexican restaurant in Dearborn Heights.

A man walked into the Mexican Fiesta restaurant Tuesday evening, waiving knives at customers, telling them to get out

"He was really loud, and excuse my language, everybody get the (expletive) out," said witness Jacob Latigo.

Jacob Latigo and his wife recorded cell phone video of the incident Tuesday evening, showing the man shirtless at the bar counter.

"He said he wanted a beer," Latigo said. "They said we weren't going to serve you and it looks like you got more agitated. So he put these knives in his fingers and started waving them around."

"He had like six of them," said witness Sally Hanf.

The man also had cooking grease all over his body.

"They think he went into the grease pit in the back and because there was oil all over him," Latigo said.

Dearborn Heights Police tell us the man jumped in the grease pit at the IHOP next door, then came into the restaurant and scared everyone. He was eventually arrested.

The employees at the restaurant did not want to comment, but fortunately no one was hurt.

FOX 2: "Did the man charge at anyone?"

"No, he did not charge at anyone," Latigo said.

Police came to the restaurant and took the man into custody. Of course, loyal customers cannot believe what they witnessed.

"I would say I've been here at least 20 times, but no, this has never happened (before)," Hanf said.

After the crazy incident, all of the customers went back into restaurant and enjoyed the rest of their evening.

Charges have not been announced against the suspect.