Shooting injures three teenagers on Detroit's west side

The victims in another shooting in Detroit are two 17-year-old boys and a 19-year-old female, adding to another violent weekend.

Shattered windows, glass on the pavement, and investigators combing the area, talking to neighbors -- the scene Sunday afternoon on Detroit's west side in the 15000 block of Mendota near the corner of Fenkell.

Police said the gunfire erupted around 4:20 p.m. while the three victims were inside a white minivan.

One 17-year-old was shot in the neck, the other two victims in their shoulder. Police said their conditions are listed as serious stable.

Between eight to 10 shots were fired and the shooter may have used an AK-47.

"I was watching the Tigers game and then all of sudden, I just heard a bunch of shots," said a neighbor, who asked FOX 2 not to use his name.

The 19-year-old girl lives on the street where the shooting happened, but no one at her home wanted to comment.

"She's cool people. They basically don't get into trouble," said the neighbor. "They basically deal with their children -- just stay to themselves."

Police said the minivan is stolen, saying the two boys shot got it from Detroit's east side where they live.

Detroit Police Department Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt said the group was probably joyriding in the stolen van.

"Trying to impress the female that they had a ride," he said. "She may not have known that it was stolen. They were trying to be men. The problem is that no one taught them how to be men. Stealing a car and getting the girl you're trying to impress shot isn't quite the way to get a second date."

The shooting sadly added to the number of other shootings in the city over the weekend.

"It's senseless. It's stupid. You can handle issues with just verbal," the neighbor said. "You ain't got to necessarily just be shooting because you have something else to worry about afterwards. You got to deal with either retaliation, or you got to deal with imprisonment; you got to deal with karma."

As of now, police don't have a good description of the shooter and no information yet on a motive.

Investigators said they are possibly looking for a burgundy van, but don't have the make or model.

Tips are needed so those with any information should call Detroit police at (313) 596-5600.