Shooting victim drives to Project Green Light Detroit gas station for help

A woman sought help at a "Project Green Light" gas station after she was shot on Detroit's west side.

As he watched the surveillance video inside a Detroit Valero gas station Monday morning, clerk Jamal Beydoun was stunned to learn the woman had been shot over her license plate.

"The people get crazy, shooting people for anything," he said. "I don't know how they think."

Detroit police say the 23-year-old woman survived the gunshot to her back on Ashton Street just before one Monday morning. That was when police say a 28-year-old man, her ex-boyfriend, tried stealing her license plate. The two got into an argument then the man pulled out a gun and shot her in her lower back.

"To kill somebody or to shoot somebody for anything, for any reason, that is ridiculous," Beydoun said.

The bleeding woman drove to the Valero gas station on Grand River near Southfield, a Project Green Light location, which is fully lit with clear surveillance video. The woman crawled into the gas station yelling to the clerk: "Please call the police. Somebody shot me."

"(She said) 'I stopped in the store because I saw the green light, I feel more safe when I see the green light,'" Beydoun said.

The woman was clearly in pain on store video as a man took off his shirt to put pressure on the woman's bleeding back. You can see the man pouring water on her wound as he consoles her.

"(The gas station store was) locked and he called police - and they came after 10 minutes," Beydoun said.

The man continued to apply pressure and held her hand never leaving her side. Police arrived and then, EMS, helping the woman onto a stretcher and rushing her to the hospital.

"She was okay," Beydoun said. "And I'm glad she was okay."

Beydoun says the Valero joined project green light just a week ago.

"The bad people - we don't see them anymore," he said. "I feel more comfortable coming to the store and working inside the store."

He is thankful that woman survived but Beydoun wonders what if she hadn't made it inside.

"I hope everybody in this town gets the Green Light," he said. "Let's get rid of these bad people - we don't want them in the city."