Shots fired at 2 downtown Detroit locations over weekend

Two shootings in downtown Detroit over the weekend have police rethinking safety strategy.

The first happened during a busy Saturday night in Greektown, and was caught on video.

Argument leads to shooting in Detroit's Greektown

"If you look at the video, they're fighting indiscriminately. They're just shooting. They're not looking at anything, they're just firing," said Detroit Police Asst. Chief Arnold Williams.

Williams says two groups were fighting and when security guards at one of the bars tried to intervene, they became the targets. Both groups fired shots. 

Even with the big bar crowd, no was hurt. Police arrested both shooters-- two men, 21 and 22 years old.

"Due to our presence that we have down there with the officers, we are able to respond extremely quickly to these areas," Williams said.

About 24 hours later at Brush and Larned, another shootout this time in a parking lot. It was a similar situation -- two groups were arguing, then started shooting. 

No one was hurt in this shootout either that was just four blocks from the first. The suspects ditched three guns and were able to getaway. 

It's got Detroit police rethinking some things.  

"We have a commitment to make sure the city is safe, not only for those who commute back and forth to the city, but to the residents of the city," Williams said.

They plan on paying a visit this week to the owners of some of these downtown clubs and bars, so they can come up with a more solid plan moving forward.  

"We are going to be looking at the some of our more problematic establishments," he said.