Shovels, food, bunkering down: Metro Detroit gears up for the snow

It won't be the biggest storm we've ever seen -- but it will be a big inconvenience. From road crews to homeowners, people all over metro Detroit are gearing up.

"There's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, there's a lot of cold air and it's all coming together right on top of us," says FOX 2 Weather Derek Kevra.

So that means several inches of snow falling for several hours.


"This is a major winter weather event," Derek said.

Derek says lot of times with these systems it impacts one commute or the other, but this one looks like it's going to impact both.

The Oakland County Road Commission is prepared for the worst.

"Our drivers really see this as kind of being first responders. They're out there making the making the roads safe for the rest of us. They take that very seriously," said Craig Bryson with the commission.

Winter Storm Watch: 5 to 9 inches of snow coming Friday

Metro Detroiters are stocking up on groceries at Meijer.

"We make smoothies and stir fries and things like that, so stuff to cut up and have, just in case we're snowed in for the weekend - that kind of thing," said Anita Paylor.

And at Frentz and Sons Hardware in Royal Oak: "Quite a few shovels today ... rock salt all those," said John Frentz.

Now many of us have to get to work tomorrow and many of us are dreading it and for good reason - this could very end up being the biggest snow storm of the season.

More than six inches of snow possible in Friday's storm

If you are out in the snow in your car, make sure you're prepared in case you get stranded. Michigan State Police suggests having an emergency kit in your car: Water, blanket, extra clothes, some survival bars, a small shovel and kitty litter to help if you get stuck. You should also be prepared for anything. Pack extra gloves and hats, a battery charger for your phone, jumper cables and windshield wiper fluid.

Be sure to stay with FOX 2 throughout tonight and tomorrow for all your latest updates.