Silverdome to be demolished this spring

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The Pontiac Silverdome was once the home of legends on the field. Today it's a shell of what it once was and, soon, it will be gone.

The Silverdome is set to be demolished in the spring of 2016. A special meeting was held to present to the city council plans for a new development at the site.

At the meeting, Ron Savage reports that the developers still need permits which should be finalized by early 2016. 

The development group's plans include a possible corporate world headquarters, hotel and retail space. 

That announcement is expected to be made at the meeting at Pontiac City Hall. The full plans are expected to be unveiled on Friday morning.

Once the home of the Lions, the Silverdome has been, for the most part, vacant since 2001, when the Lions moved to Ford Field.

14 years after the Lions last played a down in the Silverdome, the once-groundbreaking roof is no longer attached to the stadium. Instead, all that remains are the tattered and worn seats and concrete bowl where fans used to cheer.

It hosted The King (Elvis) and The Pope (John Paul II). Barry Sanders and Isiah Thomas were immortalized on the gridiron and hardwood, respectively. Now it hosts empty Honolulu blue chairs in the bowl.

The last time football was even in the dome was in 2006 when the Pittsburgh Steelers used it to practice during Super Bowl XL. The last event was a in 2011, just before a snow storm collapsed the roof the next year, leaving it exposed to the elements.