SJPD: Double homicide suspect pistol whipped grandmother while kids in car

New details were released Friday on a police shooting in San Jose that involved a suspect connected to two homicides.

At a news conference, San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata said two of his tactical officers had no choice but to fire when the suspect came rushing out of a shed and pointed a weapon at them.

The chief also filled in some details about the crime spree that spanned from San Jose to Modesto.

Video provided by the police department shows the suspect, identified as San Jose resident Raymond Calderon, running out of a shed he was hiding in carrying what turned out to be a stolen gun.

It was shortly after the video was taken that Calderon pointed his weapon at tactical officers, who had been involved in standoff with him overnight, authorities said.

"At approximately 7:22 am (Wednesday) the suspect ran out of the shed and raced toward the perimeter officers," Mata said.

The chief said that is when officers first saw the handgun.

"Calderon ran at the officers surrounding the house and raised and pointed the gun at special operations officers. Two officers fired their weapons at the suspect striking him twice," Mata said.

The entire situation began Tuesday when police received their first 911 call from the mother of two of Calderon’s children.

Calderon had the kids, ages six and seven, with him in his truck along with his own grandmother.

Police said Calderon had the three stay in his truck when he allegedly killed a man who police said he knew on Mount Shasta Drive in East San Jose.

Then Calderon traveled to Modesto where he killed 29-year-old Michelle Gonzales, who was the mother of his infant son.

The infant from Modesto was not among the passengers in Calderon's truck.

Calderon was then chased by California Highway Patrol officers as he returned to San Jose, later forcing his two other children and his own grandmother out of his vehicle in Gilroy. He then turned around and headed north on Highway 101 back toward San Jose.

Chief Mata said "Calderon’s grandmother had two black eyes and stated she was pistol whipped by Calderon."

Mata said Calderon then tried to break into several houses near Roundtable and Bendorf Drive in South San Jose before finally holing up in an unlocked shed.

"Suspect Calderon senselessly killed two people. And when finally confronted by the San Jose Police Department in a highly populated neighborhood he opened fire on them in a last ditch effort to escape," Mata said.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo says it's a very sad episode for all involved.

"I applaud the patient and courageous efforts of San Jose police officers that prevented Raymond Calderon from inflicting an even more horrific toll from the two lives he had already taken," the mayor said.

There are still many unanswered questions, including what was the relationship between Calderon and the first person he killed in San Jose.

Police say the two knew each other, but there is no additional information on the nature of their relationship.

The two officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave. The police body-worn footage will be released at a later time.