Sledgehammer Smash and Grab

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Armed with a sledgehammer and a trash can, a man is caught on surveillance video breaking into a Hall County store and stealing tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry. It happened at Nest Feathers in Oakwood.

Just days ago, the display cases were filled with Pandora jewelry. But in the early hours of Sunday morning, a crook made off with $62,000 of the sparkling gems. Surveillance video shows a man with a sledgehammer breaking through the front door and going straight to the Pandora jewelry.

“He knew exactly what he was looking for,” said owner Debbie McGee. “You can tell in the video he didn't look in any direction to go, he didn't even look to see which glass to use his sledgehammer on, it was very calculated.”

In less than two minutes, the man loaded all the jewelry into a trash can and was gone. Police don't think this was his first time. There have been reports across the country of other smash and grabs where the thief was only after Pandora jewelry. Oakwood Police compared their surveillance video with a smash and grab in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Investigator Danny Sridej said in both cases, the man appeared to have similar clothing, the same sledgehammer to smash his way in and the same trash can to haul off his loot.

Investigator Sridej said that trash can isn't just useful for carrying stolen goods; it's also a good cover for someone up to no good.

“If you see someone out there walking around with a trash can. Pushing it around the business, you'd assume he's cleaning up and closing the shop,” said Sridej.

Nest Feathers was closed when the man broke in. The owner said that's at least something she's thankful for.

“We're blessed no one was hurt and it didn't happen when people where here. Still, it makes you angry that people make a living off other people trying to make a living,” said McGee.