Small business owner helps disabled cousins find work after fired from Walmart

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We introduced you to John and Joe Wirth this week, cousins living with disabilities. They were greeters at Walmart until the company eliminated their positions and thousands of others across the country. 

Since our story aired, a FOX 2 viewer is stepping up in a big way to get these guys back to work.

“My heart went out to them I was almost in tears over it,” David Scarborough said.

A kind heart touched by our story of two cousins, both disabled and out of a job.

“I was just outraged just floored,” Scarborough said.

Joe and John Wirth worked as greeters at Walmart until last April when the company eliminated their positions.

“It's kind of like a crush to your soul basically,” Wirth said.

Walmart is doing the same at a thousand stores nationwide. Many of those greeters have disabilities making it impossible to get a different job in the company. 

“I just really liked putting a smile on people's faces because I figured if I put a smile on somebodies face that would make their day,” he said. 

The Wirth's haven't had any luck in their job search. That's where David Scarborough and his daughter Christina come in.

“We want to reach out to them and really help them,” Christina Scarborough said.

Scarborough owns More Space Containers, they sell shipping containers and he wants to get these guys back to work!

“I am a small time business I would create a position or figure something out,” David Scarborough said.

 Fox 2: is this the kind of guy your dad is?

“All the time yes,” Christina said. 

 We called John to give him the news.

 “Thank you very very much, I would love that I would love to have the opportunity again to make some money and have a normal routine again,” he said. 

David says he wants to see what their strengths are - he's hoping he can find a fit for both at his company but he's got other local businesses standing by to help too.