Small business owners say record gas prices are crushing the 'American Dream'

As gas prices continue to reach record highs across the country and including in Michigan, small businesses continue to pay a hefty price.

"We are losing a lot of money, a lot of customers, a lot of like, drivers because the gas prices are high," said Nadhir Bahnam, Andi Group.

Andi Group Trucking in Detroit hauls just about everything - from food to auto parts. His trucks take diesel fuel, which just like gasoline is skyrocketing in price and leaving a lot of these trucks parked.

"A lot of drivers decided to not work, we used to have more than 200 drivers - now we have about 130," said Bahnam.

And without drivers on the road, profits are down.

"We used to make like hundred - now it’s like 30 percent," he said.

Over in Oakland County’s Lathrup Village - the owner of Kyle’s Landscaping is also feeling the impact.

Kyle O’Bryant says he has to increase his prices, because it costs more to fill up his work vehicles and operate his equipment

"A yard like this would usually cost $30 now it’s up to $40, $35," he said.

The rising price at the pump eats away at what might otherwise be a profit for small business owners.

"I remember from last year we done probably $700 to $800 dollars in gas a month now it’s close to $1,100 per month," he said.

FOX 2: "Are you going to be able to survive this?"

"I hope so," he said.

Truckers say the consumer will continue to pay the price for high gas prices and it won’t just be at the gas pump.

"If gas prices keep going up everything is going to go up - even the food," Bahnam said. "A lot of things not going to see in the store anymore, like some kind of food are not going to see, because it’s not worth it to haul from place to place."

"Please lower the gas prices please," O'Bryant said.

Business owners say if these prices don’t come soon, the American Dream will fade away.

"These gas prices are killing … the American Dream," Bahnam said.