Snow, ice expected Tuesday in southeast Michigan

Both snow and freezing rain are expected in metro Detroit starting Monday night, into Tuesday.

Southeast Michigan is under a winter weather advisory until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac office. Affected counties include Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, Livingston, Lenawee and Monroe.

A mix of freezing rain, drizzle, snow, and sleet can lead to dangerous driving conditions Tuesday morning.

Most of the area will pick up 1-2 inches of snow Tuesday. Cities south of Detroit and near Ann Arbor will see less snow but more freezing rain. 

"If we get enough salt down early, hopefully we can prevent it from freezing, and then we can continue to blade it off and salt it as it comes down – hopefully we can prevent it from being a major problem," said Craig Bryson with the Oakland County Road Commission. 

The most intense "wintry precipitation rates" are expected to occur between midnight and 2 p.m., according to NWS.

"We should be able to get enough salt down, as it’s coming down, to have a layer that also will prevent the snow from turning into ice, instantly, when it hits the road," Bryson said.

Vehicle winter weather preps:

  • Put together a winter emergency kit to keep in your vehicle: Include an ice-scraper and snow brush, jumper cables, a roadside emergency kit, a flashlight with batteries, hand-warmers, extra warm clothing like gloves and socks, a blanket, a portable charger, washer fluid, hazard lights, flares, sunglasses to protect against glare, and other necessities.
  • Scrape the snow off your windshield and back window before driving. In Michigan, you can be fined for failing to do so.
  • Ensure your gas tank is at least half full before a storm.
  • Maintenance: Check your windshield wipers, tire pressure, battery, fluid levels, etc.
  • Check the news, online maps, and other outlets for road closures.
  • Switch to snow tires for the winter.

Winter driving tips:

  • Reduce your speed and maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and others. It is advised to stay six to eight car lengths away from any snowplow tucks.
  • Do not use cruise control, brake abruptly, or make any sudden maneuvers on wet or frozen surfaces to prevent hydroplaning.

Crash updates and road closures: