Snyder mum on if he'll veto GOP power grab in lame duck

The annual year-end news conference was called so the governor could review his eight years in office on Tuesday.

But it didn't take long before reporters shifted the subject to the now national story about the legislative Republicans allegedly trying to grab power from the Democrats.

In the new year Democrat Jocelyn Benson will be the new Secretary of State, Democrat Dana Nessel will be attorney general. Democrats have cried foul and want the governor to veto those bills.

The governor steadfastly refused to say what he will do even though he was pressed to do so.

"I will carefully evaluate and make a decision in the best interest for the people of Michigan," Snyder said.
Tim Skubick: "Is it fair to say you would not have introduced this legislation if given the choice?"

"Tim. I'm not to get into all that speculation because people will try to read into what that means I'm going to do," Snyder said.

The governor confesses he has personal feelings on this alleged power grab but he would not budge on that either.

"I have personal feelings on many issues but as governor I keep those feelings to myself," Snyder said. "Because I am responsible to not act on my personal feelings but to represent the people of Michigan."

Skubick: "But don't you owe it to the people to reveal where you stand?"

"I will when I make a decision on a bill," Snyder said.

Republicans here and in other states have defended their legislation as good government, but Democrats aren't buying it.

But the governor has some advice for those Democrats - "stop yelling at me."

"One of the ways people are trying to convince me on why I should veto a bill or be against it, is to come yell at me," Snyder said. "I'm not sure I follow the logic."

Eventually Snyder will have to make a decision. When he does, he'll tell us.