Software hub settles into Detroit location, bolstering city's tech identity

"Behind us, we have 11 different team members representing nine different countries," said Jacob Smith, Detroit community director for Altimetrik Collider.

Nepal, Mongolia, Hati, India - all countries represented at Altimetrik. But even with their global background, the software hub has chosen a very local option to call home.

The company could have picked anywhere to build its collider. But with its fair rent, talent pool, university backdrop and growing reputation as a tech hub, no city fit better.

"They said let's go to Detroit for, why? "In my humble opinion, Detroit is the most exciting possible place to be in the country right now to be a technical professional," said Smith.

Altimetrik itself specializes in a variety of tech work for Fortune 100 companies like Ford, Visa, and Pay Pal - their field is software solutions.

"Something that helps you process payments faster if you were a bank. It might be autonomous and electric vehicle infrastructure if you're an automotive company. It might be marketing and consumer listening if you're a consumer package goods company," said Abhi Vattikuti, also with Altimetrik.

The creative boom is happening on Woodward, above the John Varvatos clothing store.

"There's a strong argument that can be made that it makes a lot more sense to be in an emerging tech market like Detroit where you have a lot of the same benefits, density of talent and interest from investors," said Smith.

For Detroit natives tapped into the market, this is a space to rub shoulders with other residents doing the same.

"There's always a good vibe here, even if there's a crowded day, it always helps grow our meet up," said Xavier D. Johnson.

"They provide us with the space here so this is a great space to come and work on projects and also mingle and rub shoulders with other people who are doing similar things in the space," said Nikki Evelyn.

"From marketing, also software development, we're starting to work with them on that and just giving us this hub to work in and interact in, network with other people in the tech scene," said Chinonye Akunne

So the next time one of their clients need a little software solution, they'll have to dial up the 313 to crack the code.

"Detroit is the place to be. So if I'm talking to somebody from Texas, San Francisco, there are tons of exciting opportunities happening here," said Smith.