Solar eclipse memes that are actually good to stare at

As the masses flock outdoors to bask in the splendor of the April 8 total eclipse, a select few remain ensconced within the digital realm, ever tethered to the virtual pulse. With a penchant for wit sharper than the celestial event itself, these denizens of the online sphere seek not merely amusement but rather a cerebral engagement—a subtle jest aimed at the throngs who devote their Monday to gazing skyward.

Fortunately, the internet consistently delivers a wealth of entertaining GIFs, witty remarks, and amusing skits, and the eclipse is undoubtedly no different. 

Below are some of the top memes and responses to the phenomenon:

Ode to forgetting your eclipse glasses

As enthusiasts traveled far to witness the eclipse, a common fear emerged: forgetting eclipse glasses. 

This concern quickly became a viral meme, resonating with many who empathized with the potential mishap. Whether due to recalls or oversight, the shared worry underscored the universal desire for a seamless eclipse experience.

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"The eclipse will take place at 1:20 pm. Me at 1:21 pm:" wrote one viral tweet with a clip from the hit series "Friends."

Tipping culture gets celestial

Numerous Americans perceive the tipping culture as excessive, and they've vented their frustrations through eclipse-themed memes.

One widely circulated image depicts the eclipse, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a comically absurd tipping iPad soliciting gratuities for the viewing experience.

The eclipse is what you make of it

Not everyone was in the path of totality, so some had to go to extreme lengths to bring the eclipse to them. 

Bonnie Tyler's heartfelt ballad

Luckily, musician Bonnie Tyler offers the ideal soundtrack for those eager to embrace the celestial spectacle. Her 1982 hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart" remains an enduring favorite, with both the song and the singer experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Tyler's song reportedly ascended to the top of the charts during the eclipse.

One user on X wrote, "Business has to be booming today for Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart on streaming." 

 "Today is Bonnie Tyler's Super Bowl," another user wrote.