Some workers get back on job in person, as pandemic restrictions begin to lighten

Agent Nadine Nasrallah is one of many in the real estate market back on the job in person Thursday.

"I feel like the floodgates have opened, I have had many calls," said Nasrallah. "I actually had to show three different clients homes today and two offers already."

She's been able to work remotely, but it's not quite the same.

"Although they were able to make purchases, and negotiations and whatnot, do not feel comfortable placing offers on homes they have not actually seen."

Construction also back after being shut down during the earlier stages of the pandemic. Crews were out today in metro Detroit.

"We opened up construction, we are all excited about it, the guys have been sitting home," said Berardo Capicchioni, Orchard Construction & Development. "And we're trying to keep the order of the governor in place, by keeping our social distance and keeping the protocols that are required." 

Architects were impacted too, but are glad to be back at it.

"It was frustrating for us," said Lou DesRosiers, architect. "Because it was difficult to produce drawings. Everyone had to move to their homes and work out of their homes. I actually ran my entire company for five weeks on my iPad. 

"We were fortunate, in a good way we were able to catch up to the trades and keep moving."