Someone is vandalizing Christmas light displays in South Lyon

Christmas came too early for at least one grinch this December. 

A South Lyon family with a 20-year tradition of extravagant Christmas light displays had part of their setup vandalized earlier last week when they noticed their synchronized lolly pop lights weren't working.

A quick investigation by the family discovered the cords had been cut.

"If anyone is familiar with our house, my family goes all-out, full Clark Griswold for Christmas," wrote Rochelle Chezick in a neighborhood Facebook group. "My parents noticed that some of our decorations were not working and my mom went out to check the fuse. Her and my dad found that some of our decorations have been cut in the middle."

The Chezick's display in year's past.

As it turns out, three other families had suffered the same fate.

"All I can say is if somebody is doing this, I feel bad for them. I'm sorry that they want to take fun away from somebody and be a grinch," said Mike Chezick, Rochelle's dad.

Known in the neighborhood for their "all-out" mentality for the holidays, the family wants others to be on the lookout for any people looking to dim their Christmas cheer.