Somerset Mall assault suspect given 18 months of probation after guilty plea

Reanna Valentine, 25, of Detroit at her sentencing. 

The Detroit woman who pleaded guilty to assault after she slammed a child's head into a display case at Somerset Mall in Troy was given 18 months of probation by a judge Tuesday.

Reanna Valentine, 25, was in court for her sentencing two months after the unprovoked attack on Jan. 25. Before learning of her fate, she told the court she had "no malice or ill-will" when she assaulted the 10-year-old victim.

"A group of young ladies walked past me really fast and too close, and that triggered me and psychosis set in, causing me to react," Valentine said. 

Prior to the incident, she said she was receiving mental health treatment and had started medication. 

"I am doing much better. I see things more clearly, everything is starting to improve," she said, adding she started a job two weeks ago and was planning on finishing her major in natural sciences. "I plan to be a productive member of society."

Valentine assaulted the victim while waiting at a Mrs. Fields cookie shop at the mall in January. A Troy police captain said the victim's face was pushed "into the display where the food is."

It happened "for no apparent reason," Capt. Josh Jones said.

Valentine was arrested a day after the incident when she returned to the mall, where security recognized her.


Woman charged for slamming 10-year-old's head into cookie display at Somerset Mall

The girl was with group of friends and her guardian when all of a sudden she "got pushed face-first into the display (where) the food is," said Troy Police Captain Josh Jones.

Judge Maureen McGinnis said she had "high hopes" for Valentine that she would emerge from the episode as a better person. 

"It does appear to me that you are working very hard to get necessary support you need to be productive member of society," the judge said.

The father of the victim had planned on speaking during the sentencing via Zoom, however, he never logged on. The family had requested the judge not offer dismissal of Valentine's conviction if she were to successfully complete her her probation. 

Valentine will be allowed to apply for dismissal at a late date. 

She received credit for four days of jail time and was told to pay a fine of several hundred dollars in court fees.