Soon-to-be mother from Detroit loses husband in random shooting

A son, husband, and soon-to-be father was gunned down in a random act of violence in Detroit Monday.

Now, his family is picking up the pieces of a new reality they never wanted.

"That's gonna be in God's Army. He's coming back for us," said Jalana Early, DeMarco Early's wife.

"This is a 23-year-old lady. She's a widow. That's horrible," said Ricky Williams.

DeMarco was shot after a man wandered into a Mobil gas station on Greenfield and Fenkell Avenue Monday. Originally, the man had wandered in with a gun and told everyone to leave. DeMarco later walked in and the two men got in an argument.

DeMarco was killed before the other man walked outside and shot himself. Police responded around 11 a.m. and both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Adding another layer of grief to this tragic story is Jalana and DeMarco are expecting their first child. 

"I know for a fact that my son, it would crush him not to raise his child," said Williams.

The family met at a funeral home Wednesday afternoon to make plans to say goodbye to DeMarco. But before they can host a service for the 36-year-old, they need money. That's why the family has set up a Gofundme account in hopes the community will contribute to the fund.

"Everything is on my shoulders and I want to lay him to rest how he would want to see hisself laid to rest," said Jalana.

Meanwhile, Williams hopes that lawmakers remedy the state of support that individuals with mental issues lack in Michigan.

"The gentleman pulled a weapon out of his pocket and took a brave beautiful soul off this Earth," he said. "And If those issues are properly addressed, we won't lose our children like this, we won't lose our children to senseless crimes."