Source: man accused of stabbing, shooting wife dropped kid at daycare

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The horrific discovery could have been so much worse than it was. A woman was found beaten, stabbed, and shot and her husband is accused of committing the awful acts. Now, FOX 2 has learned more details about the couple.

According to a police source, the man accused in the crime dropped off their daughter at daycare two days ago and told them he and his wife were going to counseling in Chicago. The source said the man told them they would be in Chicago for three days and asked the daycare to watch them.

Police arrested the man on Wednesday after he told police he had run out of gas in his pickup truck. The 2007 Chevy Silverado was parked in the middle of a field on Detroit's east side.

An undercover officer from Grosse Pointe came upon the scene and says the man then said he was a fugitive apprehension officer and produced a fake badge. The officer did not believe him and looked into the vehicle, where he says he saw a woman who had been beaten and shot in each leg.

Police say the husband was arrested immediately.

Woman found beaten, shot in abandoned field; husband arrested