South Lyon AR-15 raffle cancelled in wake of Florida shooting

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South Lyon's Football Boosters annual fundraiser is canceled. The fundraiser usually involves a raffle involving hunting gear. 

In the wake of the Florida school shooting parents are upset at the items being raffled off in the fundraiser.

This year the fundraiser planned on raffling off an AR-15, the same weapon used in the Florida school shooting.

"With everything going on down in Florida with the pain that’s going on, that's just going to rehash, rehash, rehash," Kimberly Moore said.

Members of the Booster club would not grant Fox 2 and interview but released a statement, which in part says that no one intended to offend those sensitive to firearms. 

Jonathan Brookman of Oak Park was not one who agreed with the cancelation.

"This is America and that’s one of our rights and we should be allowed them rights, I'm a Veteran, I fought for those rights and I strongly believe that we should all be able to live with those rights that is what makes America great," Brookman said.

"We should be responsible with them but i don’t' think our rights should be controlled by government," he continued.