Southfield Family Dollar employee says manager and her son attacked him in store on camera

Chaos erupted inside the Family Dollar earlier Wednesday on Greenfield and Nine Mile in Southfield. 

A fight broke out between the store manager, her son and an employee. And the whole melee was caught on camera. 

Cell phone video captured the moment when a former employee says that the store manager and her son assaulted him. 

"My knee is killing me, I can't even plant my foot right because the impact when I hit the floor, when it happened, I was just thinking how am I going to get out of this," said Delbert McFolley, Jr.

McFolley says the fight also left him with a swollen eye and bruised ear. He says he was on a temporary suspension for eating food without paying for it when he went to the store to pick up some things with his family. 

He says he paid, but accidentally walked out of the store without his items after getting into a scuffle with the manager and her son. He says he then went back inside to get drinks from the cooler when the chaos ensued. 

"I got it out of the refrigerator, she closes it, I open it back up and she closes it again," he said. "Her son comes from behind her and starts hitting me, she starts hitting me." 

McFolley is shaken up and says he is done working at Family Dollar. When FOX 2 went to the store, the manager declined to comment. 

"She was never the one you would want to be in charge," he said. "She was about turmoil; she was about chaos, being belligerent. She was never about taking time out to talk."
Now McFolley is calling for Family Dollar to hold the store manager accountable. The store manager, who was working tonight, declined comment for the story.

"It needs a different type of leadership, a different type of aura," he said. "The energy is off. I don't want to threaten her livelihood but she's not worthy to have that position." 

FOX 2 also reached out to Family Dollar's corporate office, but were not able to get through. McFolley says he is filing a police report in the morning. 

McFolley's father shared video of the assault to Family Dollar's corporate site and was told that the appropriate people will investigate.