Southfield hosting expungement fair to help people clear their criminal records

People with criminal records can get help requesting expungements at a Southfield event next month.

The expungement fair will be held April 2, but registration must be completed by March 25.

Law changes last year allow for some crimes to be expunged from records after a set amount of time. This includes up to three felonies, two convictions for assaultive crimes, one drinking and driving offense, and unlimited misdemeanors. Federal crimes cannot be expunged under the Michigan law.

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Expungement means that the crime does not appear publicly, and you do not need to disclose it. This means that if you apply for a job, home rental, or assistance, the crime will not show up on a background check. It can still be viewed by law enforcement and other officials.

"Everyone deserves an opportunity for a fresh start at a new life," said 46th District Court Chief Judge Shelia Johnson. "This Expungement Fair (to clear criminal records of convictions) is vitally important for all those who may have made some bad decisions in their past but are committed to working on a bright future!"

The City of Southfield and the Southfield Alumnae Chapter (SAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. have partnered with Lakeshore Legal Aid, Southfield Police, the Wolverine Bar Association, and the D. Augustus Straker Bar Association for the expungement fair. 

The fair will also provide community resources and skillset information.

The event is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April in the Southfield Pavilion at 26000 Evergreen Road. Register here.