Southwest Detroit La Rosa bakery robbed at gunpoint

Video captured terrifying moments at a southwest Detroit bakery when a man pointed a gun in the clerk's face demanding that he hand over the cash.

Thankfully no one was hurt but now police need your help to take that guy off the streets.

This robbery happened at the La Rosa Bakery on Friday at Panama and Proctor. Initially the people working here thought the guy who came in here simply came to place an order.

That however was not the case, he walked in and pulled out a gun and demanded cash.

"I asked him how may I help you and he took out the gun, the owner, and he pointed it at me with the gun would open the cash register.

FOX 2: "How scary was that?"

"It was pretty scary. I was really nervous," she said.  "I thought he was going to shoot me."

After taking the cash, we're told the gunman ran out and fled westbound on Panama we want you to take another look at him. The people working here say he robbed this place twice.

If you recognize this suspect please call Detroit police.