SPARSH brings Eastern healing philosophy to Bingham Farms

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Jay Kapadia is a GM engineer by trade, but his true talent and passion is to heal others. 

He learned the art of healing in the Himalayan Mountains and brought it here to Detroit with his recently-opened spa in Bingham Farms called Sparsh, which means divine touch. Sparsh is tucked inside a medical building on Telegraph, and is a comforting space where clients receive therapeutic services to ultimately learn how to heal themselves.

"We try to nail down the root cause of the problem and kind of with our expertise from all our therapists here, we figure out a way of how can we remove that hurdle or obstacle which is preventing you from attaining that perfect health," he says. 

Jay's passion to heal started when he was a child when he was living in Mumbai, India. His parents noticed he had a special gift.

"My family thought I had the ability of helping people so they sent me to the mountains where I learned the art of yoga and the philosophy behind yoga and also what is marma therapy," he says. Marma therapy is better known here as triggerpoint therapy.

Jay has brought his knowledge of this ancient, Indian acupressure technique here now to metro Detroit. 

"You have me at hello. When I walk through the door, within 10 seconds my stress level just drops," says clients Tresa Biddison. She attributes her results to the layers of services that are offered, from yin yoga for healing, emotional wellness, to nutrition and specialized massages. All of these holistic services are connected and help reveal the root of the problem and pain. 

"Whatever's messed up in the body, I'm getting some positive feedback and they're working through things and I leave with hope that I can feel balanced and energized," Biddison says. 

Jay says many of his clients are doctors and are the ones who encouraged him to offer his services inside their medical building. In the midst of the opioid epidemic, doctors are prescribing pain medication less and less, leaving patients desperate to find other ways to cope with the pain. 

"[We] come up with a plan where they would be benefited the most. When nutrition is the place where they are struggling then we start with nutrition. Is muscle an issue? Then we kind of assess the muscle. We try to find the root cause rather than treating the effect," Jay says. 

Sound therapy is also another service offered, and is one that Jay says really helps clients who have anxiety, depression or insomnia. 

Another service is cranial sacral therapy, where Dr. Theresa Egan uses her hands to remove any blockages in the nervous system. 

"Assessing where the system is moving freely and where it is not moving freely, and then I have a number of techniques that I use to try to remove the obstacles, any restrictions, thereby allowing the body to perform as it knows how to do," she explains. 

For Jonathan Wege, who has suffered from symptoms associated with his diabetes for more than 50 years, the results are astonishing. 

"Nerve damage in my feet and it's clearing it up," he says. "Pain in my feet on occasion is gone, and I've only been doing this for about less than a month. Three sessions."

Ultimately, Jay says you cannot be healed unless you want to be healed. Sparsh is just the catalyst. 

He says they don't offer false promises; their unique holistic practices offer hope. 

"It's not a business. It's a mission. That's my calling."

You can learn more about Sparsh and its services online here