St. Andrew's Hall deemed unsafe, Detroit reviewing if it was overcapacity during Baby Keem concert

The City of Detroit is looking to see if St. Andrew's Hall was overcapacity when the floor appeared to sway underneath a throng of concert goers earlier this week. Today, an inspector ruled the venue is unsafe and has been shut down.

Rapper Baby Keep wrapped the show early on Tuesday and is getting proper credit from the city of Detroit for stopping the show.

Detroit's Chief Enforcement Officer, Jessica Parker, said Baby Keem deserves credit for putting his fans first.

"I commend that rapper for stopping the concert - to say hey I want to make sure my fans are safe," Parker said.

The floor was moving underneath the crowd, which prompted the performer to end the show about 20 minutes early. The operator of Saint Andrew’s Hall told FOX 2 the floor didn’t buckle but excited fans did cause a joint in the floor to become lose.

Beneath the stage in a separate venue called The Shelter, more video showed the floor bouncing up and down as fans cheered at the concert. Some on Facebook sounded off about the premature ending to the concert, including one asking for a refund.

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"They were past capacity. That is what we’re investigating. The capacity is about 1,000 people. We’ve asked the property owners to give us the list of tickets that were sold, so we can estimate how many people were there. If they were past capacity, the fire department is involved. We understand that weight, that load could have caused some of that flooring to give way. Thank God it wasn’t a complete collapse and no one was injured," Parker said.

On Thursday, a third-party structural engineer inspected the historic venue to look at a number of things. The city said that inspector did a walk through and an "emergency correction order" was issued - which takes three days to correct.

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The inspector, specifically, had concerns with the main floor and the city has deemed the property unsafe at this time and all performances scheduled for this week are canceled.

"Right now, the building department has taken the stance that until we receive that structural engineer report verifying the damages and what needs to happen as far as making those necessary repairs, we are not allowing any events to happen at that property site," Parker said.

The operators of St. Andrew's Hall said they expect to know more about upcoming performances in the near future.