St. Mary's Polish Country Fair in Orchard Lake canceled due to safety concerns, Covid

Many people were awaiting the return of the St. Mary's Polish Country Fair this year.

"It’s a tradition. I mean when our kids were little we took them. My husband and I were single, dating, we would go there. It's been in this community forever and ever," said Lois WIllet, a former St. Mary's Prep parent. "My kids are kind of devastated." 

The board of trustees voted unanimously to suspend the Polish Country Fair this year.

In a letter sent earlier this year to the school’s Moms and Dads Club school officials cited the growing number of safety concerns on and off campus at school events, and lingering issues with Covid and staffing. The annual event in Orchard Lake is usually held on Memorial Day weekend and attracts tens of thousands of people.

"I wanted to bring the kids actually this year, shocked to even hear that," said Darnell Boothe, who has attended the fair in the past.

School officials also said in the letter that they consulted with Orchard Lake police and that they also expressed serious safety and security concerns.

"They always had ample security there, police," Willet said. "You felt safe."