Stabenow stops in Detroit to announce new American jobs program

It's a plan meant to boost American jobs by making more American products and closing loopholes for companies looking to send jobs overseas.

During her state-wide small business tour, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow announced her American Jobs Agenda while visiting the hardworking folks at Detroit Denim.

Stabenow rolled out three items she believes the federal government should be focusing on:

"Closing the loopholes on our tax code, by doing a better job of buying American, and making sure that we're tough enough against China and other countries that are in fact ripping off our products," she said.

Stabenow says from 2012 to 2016, the federal government awarded roughly $70 billion in contracts to foreign countries that do not manufacture products in the U. S.

In response, Stabenow created her Make it in America and Bring Jobs Home acts.

"Unfortunately my Bring Jobs Home Act was blocked for whatever reason a couple of times we tried to get a vote on it. It was blocked by the other side," she said.

Another major issue is stronger trade enforcement. Stabenow is focusing on strengthening enforcement on U.S. patents being stolen and counterfeit products.

"China's at the top the list on this as it relates to manipulating currency so products come into our country discounted with a lower price artificially," she said.

This comes as President Donald Trump recently met with China's president.

"I've talked to his administration ... he talked about getting tough with China, which is music to my ears," Stabenow said.

She's hoping that isn't all just talk -- urging President Trump to keep his promises on trade and hold these countries accountable.

"I think everybody in Michigan is tired of talk. I mean, talk is cheap. What we need is action. And so I'm going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get the action we need," Stabenow said.

The program is called American Jobs Agenda.

She was joined by the founder of Detroit Denim Company Eric Yelsman. Jeans are handmade by Detroit employees using materials made by companies in the U.S.

You can watch the press conference on Fox 2 News Now with Kellie Rowe: