State police K9 bites Detroit police officer during chase of carjack suspect

A Detroit police officer is recovering after getting attacked and bitten by a Michigan State Police K9 Thursday night while running after a carjacking suspect.

"It's pretty bad, it's a significant bite in his left arm," said DPD Cmdr. Michael McGinnis. "There was a significant puncture wound."

The incident began with undercover officers from the Detroit Police Commercial Auto Theft Taskforce doing surveillance on a possible carjacking suspect.  

A marked DPD scout car attempted a traffic stop as he drove through Warren, when the suspect left the car and ran.

"One of our sergeants got out and pursued after this individual because he was running from a stolen car," McGinnis said.

A Michigan State Police K9 was in pursuit of the suspect too – when he instead, latched onto the sergeant’s arm first, in what DPD is calling an unfortunate set of circumstances. That carjacking suspect that started this, was eventually caught and taken into custody.  

The police sergeant and 26-year veteran was rushed to Detroit Receiving Hospital, downtown.  

He was treated and released with some recovery time ahead.  

"It was just unfortunate circumstances at this point," McGinnis said. "I'm glad the injuries weren't more secure.

"He's a 26-year veteran working commercial auto theft for a long time, just a hard-working sergeant," McGinnis said.

The sergeant will likely be put on restrictive duties while he recovers.  

FOX 2 spoke with state police, which said they reviewed the report of what happened and that everything was above board. That K9 is back in service.