Sterling Heights coney island is 'second city hall'

A coney island in Macomb County has quite the reputation as the place to nosh and network. 

Dodge Park Coney Island has drawn many well-known people including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and others who serve and protect.

"This is where we all pretty much go for breakfast, breakfast and lunch. It's always got good food you know, can't complain," says Sterling Heights police officer Garrett Burton. 

"This is what they call the second city hall. Believe it or not, at any time, you'll find either a commissioner, a council member, police officers as you see in the back. It's like home here," says commissioner Joe Ramano with District 4. 

One of the restaurant's best sellers is their chicken Greek salad, made with their homemade dressing. Their omelets are also very popular. 
Dodge Park Coney Island opens every day at 8 a.m.