Store clerk shot during robbery makes plea for justice

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"I have over 50 fragments of bullet in my head and neck area."

The victim is rightfully terrified, and does not want her identity known.

She takes us back to January 23 at about 8:45 p.m. while working as an assistant manager at the Family Dollar store on East Warren Avenue in Detroit.

Two men -faces covered - go inside, and rush around the counter, put a gun to her head, and customers run out the store.

"Pushing the gun up to my head. Forcefully pushing it."

The woman can't remember to code to register, her mind is drawing a blank in the moment, fearing for her life.

The woman is shot, the bullet grazing the right side of her neck.

The victim tells Fox 2 she suffers from anxiety and now takes medication daily. She is on edge from the terrifying incident, and she believes the robbers may have been customers at the store.

"As he said he would kill me, he also mentioned that he knows I have the codes. I saw you with the keys. Open it up or I will kill you."

The woman is also angry because the two men are still out there, and she says Detroit Police haven't been in contact with her regarding the investigation. She is no longer working at the store, and barely leaves her own home.

"The detectives were supposed to keep contacting me and let me know what they were doing; no one is calling or saying if they're looking for the guys."

A spokesperson for Detroit Police says the detective overseeing the case has apologized for not being more transparent, and will be contacting the victim.

Police say the case remains active, and they are seeking any and all tips from the public to catch the two men responsible.