Stores on Detroit Avenue of Fashion robbed

A Detroit business owner is fed up after his store was targeted three times in the last six months.

He says when they couldn't get the police to respond, he called the Fox Two Problem Solvers.

"This is the fourth one within two years," said Burron Pittman from Over the Top Clothier.

Around 3:30 a.m. on Monday, the co-owner of this clothing store says he was alerted about the most recent break-in.

"They were using crowbars to get door open. As they see deadbolt won't open, punched out window and glass shatters," said Pittman.

Once they were inside, Pittman says the crooks took everything they could grab, including electronics.

"They took TVs, clothing and a register that was found outside on the pavement," he said.

Another shop owner, Rod Fletcher says he's also frustrated. At his clothing store, Da Sal Fashion, which is located at Seven Mile and Outer Drive, the window is now boarded up after a break in last Friday.

"They only took four bags and a pair of shoes. My biggest cost is that it will cost close to a thousand dollars to repair window," said Fletcher.

Business owners say they want police to do more to keep their shops safe, and that means increased police presence in the area.

"We're trying to bring area back. We want the police presence that we need over here. We have it in Cork Town, midtown and downtown. We need it on Avenue of Fashion," said Fletcher.

Police say they empathize with the business owners of the Avenue of fashion and will continue to work with them to ensure the safety of their business and their customers. Neighborhood police officers are always available for any small business that may need them.

Despite the break-ins, Fletcher says he's keeping his business on the Avenue of Fashion.

"I'm a Detroiter, I'm staying. Not going anywhere," he said.