Storm cleanup continues across Metro Detroit in aftermath of Wednesday's severe weather

One day after severe weather rolled through Metro Detroit, many are still stuck cleaning up the aftermath.

About 148,000 customers remain without power according to DTE Energy. Large trees were toppled Wednesday from gusts of wind up to 70 miles per hour.

"I heard a crack and then bam it fell, I didn’t know what it was so I ran into the basement," said Martin Chambers. "I was thinking the worst."

Martin Chamber’s Livonia home ended up pretty badly damaged.

"Part of it is on my truck too," he said. "And then I can’t get my car out the garage either. I’m like whatever, they cut the roots that hold the tree down.

"It almost got me killed."

Hilary Golston, FOX 2: "Wow and you're close to where the tree fell."


Hilary Golston, FOX 2: "What do you attribute your incredible luck to?"

"Ain’t no luck,  that’s God doing that for me," Chambers said.

A trail of storm damage was left through other parts of Livonia, and Redford - including the area of this is near Five Mile and Beech Daly.

"We're seeing trees down both in front lots, rear lots of homes, we've seen one tree falling over from one side of the right of way, that has knocked down four to five poles," said Bill Hutchinson of DTE.


Caught on camera: Lightning strike hits lines in front of FOX 2 camera

A sudden lightning flash in front of a FOX 2 News crew was caught on camera as it appears to hit a utility line near Hall Road and M-59.

Uprooted trees and downed power lines weren't confined to the west side of the area

The southwest and southeast regions of our area were hit the worst.

SkyFOX provided a look from the air in Grosse Pointe not far from Grosse Pointe Blvd where tree trunks filled dumpsters, utility poles were snapped.

"Things can be replaced, people can not," said Chambers.

DTE says their Storm response team is 3,000 they look ahead to another possible bout of severe weather.