Stranger found passed out in dog bed in wrong home on New Year's morning

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A homeowner started 2019 with quite the surprise when she woke to find a stranger in their dog’s bed.

A Germantown, Wisconsin partygoer entered the wrong house. Intoxicated and confused at 3:20 a.m., police say the young man crawled into the dog bed next to a 150-pound Mastiff.

Lynn Sarver said he woke up at 5:15 a.m. Tuesday to find the intruder fast asleep with her dog Benton also asleep, partially on top of the man.

"We ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife," Sarver said.  "We definitely were scared."

The man was drunk and apparently mistook Sarver's house for his own, just a few doors down.

"Seeing somebody sleeping with my dog, is - weird, you know?" Sarver said.  "He was very apologetic."

No charges were filed against the man, and he went back to his correct home.

Sarver says she's already got a New year's resolution lined up for 2019.

"Lock your doors.  Lock your doors, yeah for sure," she said.