Strangers save brothers being mauled by dogs in Detroit

Two brothers who were being attacked by dogs Friday morning in Detroit were rescued by two Good Samaritans. The 10- and 12-year-old boys are being treated for the injuries but are expected to recover. One is in stable condition and other is in temporary serious condition.

The brothers had been dropped off at King Academy for the day but left school grounds, wanting to go to a party store. While they were walking a dog began chasing them and they hopped an 8-foot fence to get away. On the other side of the fence, though, were two dogs who we're told began to attack the boys immediately.

Elgin Harris had just gotten off work at the Motor City Casino when he heard a little girl screaming in the area of Strathmoore Street and Puritan Avenue, which is near Hubbell Avenue. He asked what's wrong, and she told him the dogs were attacking.

"Instantly, I just stopped thinking and took my shirt off and hopped over there and tried to help," he says. "I was throwing stuff at the dog. The dog let go and I grabbed the boy that was hurt the most, grabbed him by his arm and his pants and I picked him up over the fence and gave him to the medic."

After Harris got the one boy free and in the hands of medics, police showed up. A Detroit police officer immediately jumped the fence as he saw both dogs mauling the remaining brother. He fired a shot to distract the dogs and then, ultimately, shot and killed both dogs to rescue the boy.

Harris says he never thought about himself; he only wanted to help.

"This little boy, he could be somebody's future president, business owner. So I just hopped in there thinking for the little kids," Harris says.

A second Good Samaritan did help Harris, but FOX 2 did not get a comment from him.

Both boys, who have not yet been named, are expected to be okay. Harris wasn't injured at all in the rescue except for a few scratches.

Also on Friday, in Grand Rapids, Mich., a 3-week-old child who was left alone in a house with three dogs was attacked and killed by one of the animals. You can read more about that here